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The DCS Events Division’s ultimate aim is to provide students with the opportunity to interact, network, and enjoy some of the largest and most successful social events. With the continuation of headlining events such as the First Year Camp, After Exams Party, and the DCS Annual Ball, Events looks forward to introducing many more opportunities for students (of any course and university) to enjoy a highly anticipated social experience in 2022. DCS Events prides itself in fostering a safe environment for students of all ages to engage and dive into all that a Deakin University student-led club has to offer to them. DCS welcomes all students to a multitude of Events in 2022 serving as a primary resource for friendships, networks, and memories. We can’t wait to have you at our DCS Events and are proud to be the steppingstone in the right direction to ensuring your university journey is one full of amazing experiences.

Head of Events
Alysa Narang



The ‘Annual First Year Camp’ is the ultimate bonding experience and introduction to the unique Deakin social culture. It is a weekend-long camp, organised by our Events Division, which sees 120 first-year students (of any course) enjoying a once in a lifetime event. Our First Year Camp is an exciting and fun opportunity for first-years to meet each other and bond through fun-filled events and activities of the jam-packed days. It is designed to immerse Deakin’s newest cohorts with as many chances as possible to create strong networks of friends both in and out of their degree, step out of their comfort zones and experience the fun and excitement of both DCS and Deakin!


The DCS ‘Annual After Exams Party’ is on every student’s calendar as the largest and best opportunity to celebrate their hardwork during the Trimester 1 Exam Period. It is a large-scale event, historically hosting over a thousand students. DCS enjoys throwing this ultimate party to give students a well deserved chance to unwind after a busy trimester and stressful exam period. Open to students of all universities and cohorts, it is a night not to be missed!


DCS is famous for its ‘Annual Deakin Ball’ which boasts a high class evening of unmissable entertainment, sophistication and enjoyment. Our Ball exceeds every expectation and is considered by most to be the most anticipated and sought out event of the year. Students of all universities are welcome and are guaranteed to be wined and dined in an elegant setting, experience world class entertainment and celebrate together!

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