DCS had the pleasure of recently attending the Deakin Bowater Business challenge, an event we always look forward to collaborating with the Deakin Business School on.

The competition consisted of teams of students exploring different concepts that could be implemented to increase the interest in agribusiness, teams presented their solutions to the audience and a panel of judges from industry and academia. The presentations were incredibly insightful and informative. A big congratulations to all teams that participated on the night, and of course a special mention to the DCS team.

It was great to have EY visit our campus on the 31st of July and chat about their various programs as well as give out free coffee to get students through a chilly Wednesday morning. EY had drawn a lot of interest from students through their representatives giving first hand advice on what would be considered if looking to pursue a career with Ernest and Young.

The CPA Profession Session was held at Deakin University and started off with a quick introduction and then dived into a panel of industry leaders. These industry leaders included figures such as the CEO of CPA and the CFO of NAB, as well as other prominent leaders. Their topics ranged from explaining how to steer your career towards a direction of scalable growth in the current changing world of complexity and disruption, to enhancing our personal brand and developing key professional skills needed to stick out from the crowd of graduates. After the panel, smaller and more engaging workshops were set up to hear from recent graduates. These graduates gave insightful tips on what recruiters look for in the strenuous job application process in order to streamline the process, as well as tips on how launch our career in a positive direction. Finally the night ended by having a networking session with well know professional brands and the opportunity to get one-on-one career mentoring with industry professionals.

This year the Deakin Commerce Society once again delivered the annual Trimester 1 After Exam Party. After last years ranging success, we were excited to channel our inner Channing Tatum, throw our basketball jerseys back on, get out the red solo cups and throw the best Frat party of the year. With some of Melbourne’s best DJ’s including AndreJ, Courtney Mills and Short Round set to play, Room 680 was sure to be filled with the best tunes that got everyone who attended singing and dancing their hearts out for hours on end. With entertainment covered and everyone partying their exam stress away, it was made sure no one went hungry, with the local Hawthorn McDonalds providing cheeseburgers for all guests to enjoy as they sipped down some of Room 680’s Alpha and Beta themed beverages. All in all, DCS was extremely pleased with yet another successful and exciting After Exams Party. We hope everyone who attended had an amazing night and cannot wait till next year to boogie with you all again.

On the 16th of May, Chartered Accountants held a panel and networking night featuring guests from a range of small and medium sized companies operating within Australia. The event was tailored for students who would not only be entering the industry, yet also those of whom were already in the workforce and considering a change of career. Several guest speakers gave insights into their daily schedule whilst working in a small or medium sized company, whereby they also outlined various benefits that come with working for them. Additionally, advice was given on how to enter and gain success in the industry. Following the panel, the guests were invited to network with the large amount of companies that attended the event over food and drinks. DCS found this event to be very informative, allowing us to learn more about the type of company we want to work for as well as the type of work we want to complete.

The Deakin Commerce Society held our annual Women in Business event at Deakin University (Burwood campus) on the 8th of May 2019. Striving to promote and encourage gender diversity both at University and in the workplace environments, this event mainly focused on celebrating women in the workplace and promoting gender equality across the board. Aiming to educate individuals, especially women, on the importance of emboldening their growth presence within the corporate landscape; Women in Business will allow students to gain acumen off leading industry professionals who are zealous and driven about increasing gender equality within the workplace. Our event was a huge success, and we would like to thank the incredible women representing well-renowned firms such as Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, PwC, EY, ACCA, CitiPower and Powercor, Allegis Group and Aston Carter, specifically our speakers: Effimia Giannakis, Suzanna Linschoten, Daisy Ku, Jessica Engel and Nicole Marrier.

Thank you to all the attendees of our HR Interactive Event. We are so grateful for all those in presence, and hope the day was educational and informative. Additionally, we would love to thank our guest speakers from the Allegis Group, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and Johnson Recruitment, for their wonderful insights and time. Participating in our interactive interview activities on the day, Mrs Sue Davey from Deakin Business and Law Faculty, was a pleasure to listen to. Lastly, our events would not be possible without the help of all these wonderful people, and we cannot wait to host more events like this in the future.

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is a professional body of over 120,000 diverse, talented and financially astute members who use their skills every day to make a difference for businesses and communities all over the world. Chartered Accountants is part of the Global Accounting Alliance which allows Accountants to be recognised by other members in the same stead, as if they were from their own country. The CA is made up of a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA) and Mentored Practical Experience.

It combines formal study and practical experience to develop technical and professional skills. Through CA ANZ’s exclusive events and career resources, you can engage with top employers and industry leaders, hear about vacation, graduate and cadetship positions, and gain career advice and inspiration. The CA Program comprises of 5 modules (four technical and 1 Capstone module) as well as 3 years of mentored practical experience. After completing the CA you will become more employable and be recognised as more qualified that your peers. Completing the CA Program is a fantastic achievement and opens up many more opportunities to meet different people and travel the world.


On Thursday 14th of March, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, alongside the Deakin Commerce Society, were proud to host an annual Employment Meeting at the Sofitel, located in Melbourne CBD. The evening hosted over a thousand interested students, both post-graduate and current studying students by which are second year or above, to interact with multiple accounting firms and possible future employers


The event did not only provide the opportunity for students and possible candidates to network with employers and fellow students, but also put forth the experience of undertaking a mock interview to assist in sharpening essential skills in landing a future position of employment. Alongside this, Chartered Accountants also organised several speaker sessions, giving advice and insight into the workplace and important tips and tricks of how the field operates and a guide to acquiring a position at a firm. Furthermore, each and every attendee could also gain a professional headshot for their own LinkedIn Account, to bolster their representation of professionalism to possible future employers.


Overall the evening was a major success and allowed, through The Deakin Commerce society and more specifically the accounting division, Deakin students to interact and initiate their professional career through this networking and employment evening.

Pitcher Partners is a national association of independent firms and is also an independent member of Baker Tilly International. Their aim is to specialise in servicing the middle market in order to be recognised as the leading service in this market. Culture is also an extremely important aspect, as they focus on caring for their clients and earning their trust. Each firm operates as a separate independent business, but with a shared commitment to common values such as exceptional client service, practical commercial advice and a caring working environment.  

The first event that the Deakin Commerce Society committee members attended was an intimate lunch conducted on Friday 8th March by two speakers who were employed by Pitcher Partners. Students from Melbourne and Monash were also in attendance. One speaker was a senior partner at the firm and the other was a graduate analyst. Both speakers gave us an insight into their career, their journey to Pitcher Partners and their average work day. A common theme in the presentation was the importance of culture and how it can be utilised to create a better workplace for all employees. Workplace culture is extremely important to Pitcher Partners. According to past employees, Pitcher Partners culture is unlike no other and is almost impossible to find anywhere else. We were also given a chance to ask questions and were able to find out more about the work environment and their opinions on the progress towards equality in the workplace.

What a way to kick off 2019, with a huge O’Week for the Deakin Commerce Society! A massive thank you to our current and new DCS members who came down to visit and support us during O’Week. Check out our Facebook page to watch our O’week Recap.  We look forward to seeing you at our highly regarded social and academic events throughout the year.


Furthermore, after SELLING OUT in only three days, Deakin’s largest and most anticipated First Year Camp was right around the corner. Year after year, the DCS First Year Camp has proven to be the BIGGEST event to kick start the year and 2019 was truly no exception. With two MASSIVE parties, meals, drinks, transport and accommodation all included, we were more than excited for all attending. Therefore, whether you came solo, or headed down with a group of mates, Commerce Camp was an opportunity like no other to grow those existing relationships and build new friendships with over 120 first year students.



On behalf of the Events Team, thank all the first-year campers who attended bright and early on March 29th. It was a party filled weekend that was one to remember!