I am extremely excited to be welcoming you to the Deakin Commerce Society as President for 2019! 


First off, congratulations! You have worked hard and are now about to embark upon a life changing journey filled with sleepless nights (both from last minute cramming and partying), tough decisions and unforgettable friends and memories. DCS is here to help you on your journey, and dedicated to acting as link between students and their future employers.


As with every year the society changes hands, it is our goal in 2019 to ensure that the society continues to grow and execute fresh and innovative ideas. Our key objective is to host engaging events which provide valuable information to students as well as create opportunities to ease the transition from university life to the workforce. Our professional and academic events allow students to communicate with potential employers, gain insight into the industry and develop their skills and knowledge, whilst learning about their chosen discipline. Events in 2019 include the Investment Banking Challenge, Marketing Competition, Human Resources Workshop and Panel, Women in Business Brunch and Professional Networking Evening. The society also caters for the social side of a university student’s journey and hosts renowned events such as the First Year Camp, First Year BBQ, Annual Deakin Ball and After Exams Party.


If there’s one piece of advice I’d pass on to any first year, it is to get involved and to maintain your WAM. The commerce industry is notorious for being competitive, and it always helps having a stellar resume which boasts your academic prowess as well as work experience and extra-curricular activities, Be sure to keep up to date with assignment deadlines and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it! All the best and feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries, suggestions or want to get involved!