The DCS Annual General Meeting is a great way for our current and new members to hear about the year DCS has had in 2021. In addition, it gives all members the ability to become a part of the committee for 2022. All members will be given the chance to apply for, attend and vote for their 2022 committee. You must be a member in order to attend and vote.


The DCS is one of Deakin’s largest academic societies and allows students to really get the most out of their university experience. Not only will you be able to gain practical skills to aid you in your future careers, you will also have the chance to meet likeminded and driven individuals, forming lifelong friendships.

All AGM attendees must be paid members of the club. Only current Deakin students who hold a valid club membership can vote at the AGM. Non-Deakin students that hold a valid club membership are able to attend the AGM but are unable to vote. 

Come to our AGM to see what we’re all about!!

(As per our constitution, all those who intend to vote MUST be members at least 10 days prior to AGM – 4th of September)


Become a Member:



Date: Tuesday 14th of September


Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm


Location: Zoom – link will be provided to those who register via email

Committee Positions Available:



President                                   Vice-President                        Secretary                                   Treasurer

General Committee

Head of Accounting                                Head of Economics and Finance                          Head of Marketing

3 X Directors of Accounting                 3 x Directors of Economics and Finance           3 x Directors of Marketing

Head of HR & Careers                                   Head of Events (Social)                                 Head of Sponsorships   

3 X Directors of HR & Careers                 3 x Directors of Events (Social)                3 x Directors of Publications

Please read the following document outlining the key roles and responsibilities of each position

How to apply?

Any member wishing to apply will be eligible to apply for a maximum of 3 positions (no minimum)


On the following nomination form, please include the positions you wish to apply for in preferential order (1 = top preference), you will then have a number of short questions to complete


Please email your form to:


Important: applications will close midnight of the 7th of September


I've applied! What now?

Once you have completed the application form and emailed it to the above email address, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of your application.

Now to prepare for the AGM! Each applicant will have to present a speech (maximum 2 mins for Executive Roles, 1 min for all other roles) outlining why they believe they are fit for the role. 


If you are unable to attend the AGM, but would still like to be on Committee, YOU MUST contact DCS via our FB page or email.

In addition, please make sure you are a current member of DCS and if you intend to vote, you must have been a member by the 4th of September 2021.



Please note: As an academic society, if you wish to nominate for a position in the executive or academic divisions (Accounting, Economics & Finance, Marketing, HR & Careers and Sponsorships) it is strongly encouraged that you are studying Business/Commerce and/or majoring in the relevant field. However, our Events and Publications division gives those outside the Business/Commerce faculty the chance to flourish and be a part of DCS, with no Business/Commerce exposure required.


Feel free to check out our current DCS committee for 2021 and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via our FB page or email address (




Reminder: As always, all AGM attendees are expected to follow the advised netiquette which can be found below